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I started my fitness career while still in the Royal Navy as a medic. I completed my strength and conditioning qualification to further my medical career and anatomy and physiology knowledge. This gave an extra skillset  and understanding during my medical career allowing me to work closer with military rehab specialists and understand how injuries can occur from incorrect movements, and how Ill health can and will occur from not taking care of your body. This framed the next part of my career. 


Upon leaving the military I decided instead of continuing my career in medical healthcare, to go into a preventative role, taking on more qualifications to help people to build healthy fitness and nutritional habits to live their best lives. 

 I have continued to do this since, working across 3 different countries building on my experience and working with a wide array of people from different walks of life, each wanting to achieve a different set of goals with their own backgrounds and needs. 


During my time in the fitness industry I have also had the opportunities to take on management roles both in gym management of a boutique fitness concept Reshape and Rumble in Gibraltar, and later head trainer of the same gym helping other instructors to build on their own careers. 


The one overarching thing that I have learned over the past 8 years of helping people is that mindset is key to building on good habits that set you up for life. That’s now where I first come in to help my clients, to ensure they have the right outlook into health and fitness. Health, fitness, confidence and happiness in your own body isn’t an 8 week challenge or a diet. It’s a set of learnable habits that easily  fit into your lifestyle that will last a lifetime. 

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