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Sians career has put her into a seated position for long periods each day. Her main goals were to get stronger and learn different strength movements along with loosing some weight.

HOW I HELPED SIAN - The first port of call in Sians training was to make sure  her posterior chain was correctly aligned, as any future programming would consist of resistance and strength training requiring good posture. We then went into a strength program building confidence and improving body composition.

WHAT THEY SAY - Nick is the first trainer that I have had that  is focused on what I enjoy doing. that keeps me motivated to go to the gym. Supportive, honest and will push you past your limits.




Jon was no beginner to fitness having being practicing jujitsu from a young age, but with a full time sedentary career his fitness level and movement patterns had started to suffer, causing small injuries and gaps in his strength.

HOW I HELPED JON - Jons goals were to improve his movement and gain strength and muscle. We used posture specific movements and compound exercises to bulletproof his body for his sport and aesthetic goals.

WHAT THEY SAY - My posture has always been awful! Due to the nature of my work I spend all day hunched over a desk. 
Training with Nick fixed this in a matter of weeks! I look and feel better, and Nick has shown me so many simple and effective ways to maintain good posture and to combat long periods of sitting. I would recommend Nicks coaching to anyone, but especially to anyone who works at a desk.




Sarah came to me looking for a new fitness direction and a new goal. She wanted to try strong woman training and had aspirations to compete. She has at the time of writing competed in two stone women competitions and is currently training for another three over the coming year.

HOW I HELPED SARAH - As strong women training involves lifting heavy weight repeatedly it was imperative that we bulletproofed Sarah's alignment, We did this at the same time as building up strength and then moved on to the specialist movements required for competition.

WHAT THEY SAY - Im self 
disciplined when it comes to training but found id lost some purpose along the way. Since training with Nick iv developed a  new focus with exciting goals of competing in my first strong comp. A solid training plan has been created to work on my weaker areas whilst continuing to build on my strengths meaning I'm progressing quickly and loving the process.





Its not just office workers that require a posture reset, Curtis originally came to me to get stronger in his sport of mountain biking and adding some muscle to his frame.

HOW I HELPED CURTIS - Due to his career as plasterer he had imbalances in his shoulders. We went over accessory movements, going into ballistic strength and delving into Olympic weightlifting and other functional movements. We also built upon Curtis's knowledge of resistance training to help build muscle and burn fat.

WHAT HE SAYS - What makes Nick stand out is he puts his clients first, gives great advice to help you achieve your goals and overcome your weaknesses. He helps to build your confidence both in the gym and in day to day life. 

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